Best Vertical Waffle Makers For (2021)

If you love waffles, getting a vertical waffle maker will be a good addition to your kitchen. A perfectly made waffle is one very soft on the inside but very crispy outside.

In recent times, the invention of the Vertical Waffle Makers has made the entire process of Waffle making very easy and convenient.

Waffles are an absolute delight, and when they are made well, they can give you the best breakfast experience.

Having a good Waffle maker in your home is something that cannot be overemphasized. These days, there are several waffle makers out there that either give you the best or worse experience you can think of. 

You may be wondering why you would need a vertical waffle maker in your home. Permit me to give you a few reasons. A vertical waffle maker is very convenient, allowing you to prepare your waffles in a perfectly vertical direction.

While preparing your waffles, you must not tamper with the waffle maker or attempt to open it until the process is complete.

If you have a small countertop in your kitchen, then this type of waffle maker will be the most convenient for you.

If you are a lover of Belgian Waffles, then getting a good vertical Waffle maker should be your best bet. This type of Waffle maker is designed to keep you the perfect waffle will the right design and consistency.

For your home or office, this is the right kind of design you would need. Apart from the way it gives you waffles, the Vertical waffle maker also has one of the best aesthetic appeals in its class. It will always stand out in your kitchen and give you the best experience that you cannot imagine.

Are you planning on moving to your new home or planning on upgrading your kitchen? Then, getting a good vertical waffle maker should be the first thing on your mind. There is no limit to the number of amazing breakfasts you can have when you have the best vertical waffle maker on standby.

How does a Vertical Waffle Maker Work?

A lot of people that are already used to the conventional type of waffle makers are often confused whenever they see a vertical waffle maker. This always leads to questioning how the Vertical Waffle Maker works.

It is a very simple process. Unlike the regular waffle maker where you’d need to pour the batter on the open grill, you would have to put the barter on an open sprout on the grill to prevent the batter from spilling out everywhere. By doing this, you ensure that the batter is evenly distributed on all the waffle surfaces.

The process of preparing the batter for use is a very tedious one. Once you have prepared the right batter, pour the right amount into the filler spout. Always ensure that you add it gradually so you can avoid spillage.

Properly adjust the temperature when needed to get the right consistency of the waffle. The good thing about the Vertical Waffle Maker is that it comes with a non-stick surface to allow you easily remove the waffle with a spatula.

One thing you need to know is that the exterior of the Vertical Waffle Maker can get extremely hot while you are using it. So it is strongly advised that you should be careful about how you are operating the waffle maker.

Why a Vertical Waffle Maker?

If you are looking forward to making the best waffles with the right consistency and the perfect crisp, then we strongly recommend getting a vertical waffle maker. It may take some time to get used to, but in the long run, it will give you the best results that beat your imagination.

Most people often dread using this vertical waffle make simply because of the slight difficulty in pouring the batter inside. It requires a certain level of expertise before you can achieve good results. Apart from this, the waffle maker is the best.

Space is something that should be taken into serious consideration when you are working in your kitchen. It will not be wise to buy a kitchen appliance like a waffle maker while having a small kitchen space. This is the main reason why you should get a vertical waffle maker.

With this waffle maker, you can seamlessly prepare your waffles and still maintain your kitchen space.

How Easy is it to Clean a Vertical Waffle Maker?

Cleaning the vertical waffle maker is not a difficult process. Before you clean this waffle maker, you need to ensure that the waffle maker is completely cool before you proceed. How can you do this? By leaving the cover open to allow airflow through.

You are also required to clean the grids. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth to prevent the batter from sticking. You can also take care of the exterior by willing with a dry cloth regularly. Unlike the regular waffle makers, the vertical waffle maker is easier to clean and it gives lesser hassle.

One thing you need to note is to avoid the electrical parts of the waffle maker from touching the water. It could be dangerous.

We will give you a complete description of the best Vertical waffle makers that you can get for your home at any time. If you intend on getting a waffle maker, then they should be your top options.

Best Vertical Waffle Makers

Cuisinart WAF-V100 waffle maker

Cuisinart WAF-V100 waffle maker

The Cuisinart Waffle maker is one of the most sought after waddle makers in the market. It is a very unique type of waffle maker and it’s the first vertical waffle maker that ever came out.

When it comes to making waffles with this waffle maker, you won’t make a big mess pouring the waffles inside through the sprout, and it is the best when it comes to making Belgian Waffles.

Since it is a vertical waffle maker, it has a greater advantage in your kitchen, it does not occupy as much space that a regular waffle maker does. So, if you do not have a wide kitchen cabinet, this should be your best bet.

A lot of people buy this waffle maker because of its durability. It is one of the most long-lasting waffle makers you can find.


  • There is a Teflon non-stick coating on the interior parts of the waffle maker which makes it easier to clean.
  • It has a loud alert which is built-in to tell you when to remove your waffle. The alert system gives a beep when the cooking is done.
  • It can be used to make thicker waffles unlike regular waffle makers.
  • It has a varying temperature gauge.


  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It is very easy to store in your home or office kitchen. It is because it occupies lesser space. After all, it’s vertical.
  • It gives you signals when it is done with the preparation.
  • It lasts longer than regular waffle makers


  • No visible on/off switch on the body of the waffle maker
  • It does not have a digital timer.
  • It is more expensive than regular waffle makers.
Cuisinart Mini Belgian Waffle Maker, Vertical Mini Waffle Iron, Silver, WAF-V100P1
  • Vertical Design with Batter Pour Spout
  • Bakes One Round Belgian Waffle

Oster 2102601 Vertical Waffle Maker.

Oster 2102601 Vertical Waffle Maker.

It is another great vertical waffle maker that helps you make the best waffles on-demand at any time of the day. Make your Belgian, Crispy, and delicious waffles with one of the best waffle makers in the market.

On this Vertical Waffle maker, there is a funnel that helps you prevent spillage while pouring the batter inside. It also comes with a measuring cup to take accurate measurements.

A good waffle maker always gives you the best waffles. Unlike the regular waffle makers, you can now make your waffle with the Oster 2102601 Vertical Waffle Maker without being afraid of making a mess.

The Oster 2102601 Vertical Waffle Maker features a Dura Ceramic nonstick coating which helps for easy pouring and removal of the batter. When compared to other nonstick waffles, it always cooks faster.


  • It has an upright funnel that helps prevent the batter from spilling out while pouring.
  • It has a measuring cup that helps you always pour in the accurate measurements at all times. It is not advised to use normal cups while measuring.
  • It features small indicator lights to tell you when the waffles are ready to cook and ready to eat.
  • It has Titanium infused Dura Ceramic coating which is more durable than normal surfaces.


  • It is very easy to clean. This is because of the Dura Ceramic coating present in the waffle maker.
  • It is designed to allow you to save space in your kitchen.
  • With the measuring cup, it gives you the perfect pour.
  • It lasts longer than most regular waffle makers.


  • It is more expensive than the regular type of waffle maker.
  • It does not have an on/off switch. So, if you want to operate the waffle maker, you’d have to turn it on manually on the electrical outlet. It could be risky.
Oster 2102601 Vertical Waffle Maker, One Size, Black
  • The Oster Vertical waffle maker features an upright batter-pouring funnel that…
  • Waffle maker includes a measuring cup, so you can add the perfect amount of batter…


Shopping for the best Vertical Waffle maker may be very difficult. When you are out the next time, you should seriously consider these options.