How to Clean a Waffle Maker

Little has changed from the original design of waffle irons made by blacksmiths in 1400: modern waffle makers have sleek design and electric, nonstick surfaces but the look of a finished waffle is the same. And there is no better way to start your day then with crisp waffles and hot syrup for breakfast.


To keep enjoying delicious waffles all the time you need to know how to clean a waffle maker. They often get dirty, oily and sometimes some burnt residue is left on the cooking surface that can develop a smell and spoil the flavor of our favourite breakfast treat. To avoid this situation check out the following post on how to clean a waffle maker for easy to follow tips that will clean your appliance spotless in the shortest amount of time.

how to clean a waffle maker

How to clean a waffle maker

Follow these tips on how to clean a waffle maker and make your cleaning a breeze.

1. Remove the waffle maker from the socket and allow it to cool for a while in order for you not to get burned while you are cleaning.

2. Soak a clean towel or cloth in warm water. Squeeze out the water and wipe the outer surfaces of the device.

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3. Soak the towel in hot water and squeeze out the water to remove any dry, caked-on batter crumbs. Avoid using a cloth that is so wet because it could drip into a crevice containing the wiring of the machine.

4. Put baking soda in a damp, disinfected toothbrush and scrub the grid clean of remaining stuck-on debris, if any. You can also use cotton swap to wipe debris out from the grid tunnel or a crevice, if need be.

how to clean a wafflemaker

5. Clean the grid with a soft scrub brush or dishcloth dampened with warm water when food particles are removed. Make sure you shake off or wring the scrubber so that it is not dripping. Make sure the scrub brush reaches all the grid tunnels, but don’t scrub hard to scratch the non-stick surface.

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Important Tips:

  • Make sure you allow 5 minutes for the batter to soften before you start cleaning your device. Wipe down the baking plates with a damp paper towel or damp cloth to prevent long-term oil build up and staining. Ensure that your device is totally dry before storing it for future use.
  • Under no circumstance should you coat the baking plates of a non-stick waffle maker with cooking spray, unless stated otherwise in the manufacturer’s instructions. This will give you a gummy build up that will turn your waffle maker to junk, over time. The oil in the recipe is the only oil you need. It is your batter that needs additional oil, not the waffle maker, if your waffles are sticking.
  • Do not use soap to clean your baking plates, unless stated otherwise in the manufacturer’s instructions. Soap is not a friend to a non-stick surface. However, oil is a great friend. It generates a thin layer that maintains the non-stick surface. Soap on the other hand will totally destroy that layer of friendly oil. In addition, insensitive soaps can weaken the manufacturer’s non-stick surface over time.

Finally, your first source of information should always be the owners manual, when it comes to the issue of how to clean a waffle maker. Different types of waffle makers are available on the market today which makes reading your manual very important in order to understand how to clean it easily and properly.