How to Make Brownies Using Waffle Iron?

Brownies waffle is never a good idea; instead, it is an excellent idea. You can use brownie waffles to prepare many creative delicacies of taste. Popularly Brownie waffles go great with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, but you can also use it for other delicious sandwiches. The iron waffle maker is an old kitchen gadget, and if yours, one is too eating dust in any corner of the house. It’s time to reincarnate them because it can add magic to your favorite breakfast —brownie. Imagine eating crunchy brownies in the shape of waffles, with vanilla ice-cream and your favorite sauces. And for those who love brownies and waffles both, it’s a treat!… Before the thought of delicious takes over your senses, let’s dive in to learn steps of making this absolute delicacy—Brownie waffles, using the iron waffle maker.

Steps for making brownies using an iron waffle

  • Prepare your iron waffle maker.

Iron waffle makers are commonly made up of Cast Iron. Iron waffle makers can be of different types, like electric and gas stove types. Whatever type of yours; It’s mandatory to bring them in excellent condition first. Once you have conditioned your iron waffle maker, it’s time to prepare it for making brownies. Preparatory heating of iron waffle maker, before the actual process begins is essential. So heat it for a few minutes. If you have an electric iron waffle maker, plug it into the socket before you start preparing the batter for brownie waffles. For a gas stove type iron waffle maker, you will have to heat both plates of the iron waffle maker for a few minutes on the gas stove. Once you are done with that move on to the next step, that is batter making.

  • Prepare brownie batter
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Before preparing brownie batter, make sure you have the following things in your bag. 1 packet of brownie mix, ½ cup of water, ¼ c. Vegetable oil, four eggs, cooking spray, vanilla ice-cream, caramel sauce, Maraschino cherries, and some sprinkles to decorate.

Now, as you are heating your iron waffle maker, meanwhile, use this time to prepare the brownie batter. For making the batter, cut the brownie mix packet and mix it with the above ingredients. Firstly add water in a brownie mix, then vegetable oil. Meanwhile, break eggs and put in a separate cup, stir it well before adding in the brownie batter. Once all ingredients are mixed properly, stir it with a stirrer until it forms a dense, viscous chocolate brownie batter.

  • Bake Brownies in the iron waffle maker

In this step, we are going to learn how to make delicious crispy brownies. This step is most important because if it doesn’t go well, the whole work will go in vain. So before beginning, check whether your iron waffle maker is preheated. If Heated, then spray cooking spray on it. This spray will not let your waffle stick on the plates.

Put ¼ cup of healing brownie batter in the center of the waffle maker and let it bake for 3-5 minutes until it starts smelling chocolaty, and the waffle seems crispier. At first, it might not go as expected, but don’t bother. It will give you an idea of how much time your iron waffle maker is taking.

Open the plates and put out baked brownie baffles. Use tongs for putting them out, and then your brownie waffles are ready for finishing touches.

  • Serve delicious brownie waffles.
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Although serving is always an individual choice if you have vanilla ice-cream, caramel sauce, and whipped cream, you can give it a fantastic, finger-licking taste. First of all, take out 1-2 scoop of vanilla ice-cream, depending upon the size of the waffle. Then add whipped cream on the top of ice-cream. Add caramel sauce from the top and then add some sweet sprinkles. Now your delicious brownies made on iron waffles are ready to serve and satisfy your craving.


First of all, make sure it is in better condition to make brownie waffles on your iron waffle maker. Then preheat the iron waffle maker and meanwhile prepare the batter of brownie. Spray cooking spray on the pan, and after that, add ¼ cup of mixture in the center of the iron waffle maker. Bake it for 3-5 minutes and then take it out by tong. Serve it with ice-cream, whipped cream, and caramel sauce.