How to Make Waffle Cones

Waffles especially when accompanied by the most delicious toppings can make your world go round and leave you on cloud nine. However, you might be a fan of putting your waffles on cones. If you are, then making your waffle cones yourself would surely be an interesting prospect for you. Fortunately for you, we have you all covered. Here are some of the steps which you would need to follow. Following them would help you create the perfect waffle cone in less than no time;

Getting a Waffle cone maker

The first thing which you would need to do is to make sure that you get yourself a cone maker. There is just no way that a waffle cone would just make itself through all the complex procedures without a cone maker. So getting those would be extremely important. There are a lot of good waffle cone makers and you should get some good ones on Amazon. Once you get your waffle cone maker, then it is time to go on to the next step


The next thing which you would have to do is to create your batter. There are so many varieties of batter. You can choose to make any one of your choices. My favorite is the classic vanilla though. It is left for you to choose yours. Good luck with that.

Waffle Iron

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By now, you should have gotten your waffle cone maker. If you have, then all you have to do is to make use of your waffle iron. Switch it on and wait a bit while your iron gets hot. Once you have got it as hot as you would want, the next thing would be to spray the top and the end of the cone maker. This should be done before you add the batter. It is important to remember that the cooking spray might need to be first added before you place your batter whenever you plan on making a waffle.

Scooping time

Now, you would have to place your batter directly on the waffle iron. This can be done by scooping it with a large spoon preferably a spoon specifically made for that purpose such as a cookie scoop. Once it is in, it would be time for the next step.

Cook it

Once you have successfully done this, you would need to allow it time. You can make the process faster for yourself by closing the lid. The amount of time which it would need would vary depending on the waffle iron which you are using. So make sure that you check on your waffle twice every minute. Make sure you take note of the time to make sure that you understand the amount of time which you would need.

Stepping out

Now once you have your waffle all cooked, then you would need to remove it. This can be done with a spatula. Make sure you would place your waffle on a cloth or towel that is clean. Make sure that the cone shaper is close to step right into action once the moment of truth arrives. 

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The Important part

Now that you have your waffle ready, this is the important part. Lifting the waffle with the cloth or towel, start twisting or rolling your cone on your waffle making sure that they both fit the mold you are trying to achieve. There are various methods to this so make sure that you find the technique which works for you and your waffle. Slowly, let the towel or cloth you are using fall away. Give it some time to solidify. This is important if you want it to keep its shape.

There you have it! You would have the absolute best waffle right there in your cone.

So what is the key?

Well, the key is finding a cone maker which fits perfectly to your preference. Then, of course, make sure that you follow all the steps properly. Once you have done this, there is absolutely no reason why you should have your waffle done in one trial. Who knows? You could become a pro in this game in record time. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?