The Difference Between Belgian and Classic Waffle Maker

There is nothing as absolutely satisfying as making homemade waffles. Waffles are pastries made in a waffle iron, but I guess you already knew that. There are different varieties of waffles. Raised batter is used for some while it is not required for others. A normal waffle is usually made with a mixture of eggs, milk, and flour, butter, with baking powder or baking soda. The typical waffles are either round or square in shape and usually less than an inch thick.
Belgian waffles, on the other hand, are made with a batter that is leavened with egg whites and yeast. This gives the waffle a light crispy texture.

Round waffle irons which have deep cavities are generally known as Belgian waffle irons, although, it is not mandatory to prepare a Belgian waffle batter with a deep waffle iron.
Every waffle maker is sold with recipe books that provide information about the exact proportion that will be sufficient for it. A classic or Belgian waffle maker can be used to prepare any recipe as long as the amount of batter for each waffle is accurate.
In summary, there may not be a clear-cut difference between a Normal waffle and a Belgian waffle, but there sure are differences between the normal waffle maker and the Belgian waffle maker. These differences will be addressed under the following categories:

Waffle maker structure

The Belgian waffle maker, as mentioned above, has deep cavities and this is the reason for the deep holes on the Belgian waffle as well as the thickness of the Belgian waffle. These deep cavities also allow the Belgian waffle to hold more syrup, butter or jam thus making it crowd pleasing.

Normal waffle maker, on the other hand, has cavities that are not as deep as that of the Belgian waffle maker. This is why normal waffles or any waffles made from them are usually thin.


classic-wafflesThe Belgian waffle maker is not as versatile as the classic waffle maker. Some normal waffle makers come with reversible flat plates which can be used for a Panini. The Belgian waffle maker, on the other hand, is less flexible. This versatility of the normal waffle maker is what makes it a more economic choice than the Belgian waffle maker since it can be used for other pastries, not just waffles.


The Belgian waffle is bigger and thicker than the normal waffle, it is, therefore, expected that the Belgian waffle maker will be bigger than the normal waffle maker. If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can go for a Belgian waffle maker, but if you do not have a lot of space to spare, a normal waffle maker is your best bet. Just kidding!


Most people prefer the Belgian waffle. It is sweeter and can accommodate a lot of toppings because of its deep holes. It should, therefore, not be surprising that an average Belgian waffle maker is more expensive than an average normal waffle maker.
However, for waffle enthusiasts who value satisfaction, this should not be a stumbling block. The satisfaction to be derived from a Belgian waffle is definitely worth the price of the Belgian waffle maker. This doesn’t imply that the normal waffle or the normal waffle maker is substandard. It is totally a matter of preference.

In conclusion, irrespective of the fact that the Belgian waffle is different from the normal waffle, it is not necessarily the waffle maker used that determines the taste and the flavor of the waffle. The batter is the major factor responsible for taste. So, no matter which waffle maker you have, you can only make delicious waffles when you know the right recipe.

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