The Keyboard Waffle Iron


Global computerization increasingly entails new ideas in very different ways. A good example of this is the great and innovative project by Chris Dimino. He created the concept of the waffle iron, which allows you to make waffles in the shape of the keyboard.

Once everyone started using personal computers and realized that typewriter Coronamatic nowhere near worth of ice Coronas, similar devices have become out of fashion. But now, thanks to the great mind Chris Dimino, this relic is back and ready to cook you breakfast.

Chris took away several parts and added a couple of new and transformed this ancient typewriter in an entirely new waffle iron. Do you like your waffles in between the buttons to add the syrup? Who does not! Wafers in the form of the keyboard definitely make you smile in the morning, at least as long as you do not realize that you have to sit down towards a different keyboard, more than 8 hours.

Kickstarter – an excellent platform for the projects which will never been financed by normal investors. For example, who would you think to give the money for the producing of waffle in the shape of the keyboard? – Probably no one. However, on Kickstarter now coming more and more interesting, but sometimes absurd ideas.

The project, called Keyboard Waffle, a waffle iron that makes cakes in the form of a classical computer keyboard already earned $ 50,000. According to the project, the waffle iron is made of an aluminum housing that is safe to eat, as well as strong and compact enough to handle. As the creator said, with this tool, you can for just 3 minutes to make a beautiful and most importantly, delicious cookies in the form of a keyboard.

Why form of the keyboard? – Chris Dimino explains that the Keyboard Waffle Iron designed to be easy to use, transferable, adjustable, persistent, and most importantly make a tasty, thoroughly crispy, perfectly shaped waffle. It is worth to say that each person who donated money to the project Keyboard Waffle Iron, has also got a digital book of recipes for making various interesting meals with this device. If you do not know what a waffle iron, they are usually a form of baking dough.

Pros: Now we all have equal opportunities to eat waffles with the same form that makes this unique device.

Cons: We have been raised that the mortal sin spilling candies or any other meals on the keyboard, and it all falls apart because the Keyboard waffle iron offer all these on a daily basis by adding honey, butter and cream. Although, who found this large plate to put these big wafers?