The Texas Waffle Maker Review

Are you a fan of Waffles who live in Texas or simply love the Texas way? Then the Texas Waffle maker product is just the perfect present for you. This waffle product produces the best kind of waffle with something so much better. It produces it in the same as the shape of Texas! With the grids that come with the product working its magic, there is nothing that you cannot achieve with the Texas Waffle Maker.


The product comes with grills which can carry over 800 watts of power. This would ensure that all the waffles which you want in this world would be done quickly and delivered extra-large to you. No matter the time you want it, the Texas waffle maker product would always be ready to deliver.

This product was made by the BCOWW. This company is widely known for its ability to produce products that impact our lives every day also making these products appeal to our sensory organs. With them making you all the waffles that you need, you can be sure that there would never be any dull moment.

Features of the Texas Waffle Maker Product

There are some features of the Texas Maker product which makes it unique and stands out among all other waffle makers. These features would include;

·         Pure Quality: when people get a product, one of the things which they expect would be top-notch quality and this is what this product offers. Having made stainless, it also comes with grids that are non-stick in nature. This, when combined with the grids packing 800 watts, makes it a very interesting buy indeed.

·         Large Waffles: if you are a fan of getting your waffles big and all beautiful, then this Texas waffle maker would make those big dreams of yours come true in a big way. It comes with grids that are extra-large to make sure that you get those waffles as large as you would want them.

·         The joy of toppings: toppings are one of the joys of waffles and this is what you would be getting with this waffle maker. From the crumbled bacon to candied nuts, you get to make your pick from a large variety of things. You can never go wrong when it comes to this waffle maker.

Pros of this product

There are various benefits that you could get when you make use of the waffle product maker. They include but are not limited to;

Easy to clean

If there is one thing which surely makes people swoon, it would be the fact that it is very easy to clean this product. The fact that it comes with the non-stick function would mean that you would have nothing left over after the waffles are done. You would be able to clean up quite easily and with minimum fuss involved.

Easy to Use

It is also very easy to use. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it comes with ready light. This light would help you to know the exact time which your waffles are going to have to heat up. So once the light turns up, it starts to cook. However, when it is time to end and you are not around, the light would also automatically turn off when your waffles are ready to eat. How cool is that?

Cons of this product

Just like every product, the waffle maker would also have some disadvantages which you would also need to be aware of. Here are some of these issues;

It can be wobbly at times: make sure that you check your screws once you get your product. Sometimes, the screws can be all messed up. However, this can be fixed quite easily.

Heat Iron: there have been some complaints about the heated iron not lasting too long. Make sure you examine it once you get it in case you notice this problem.

Durability: it might do the job for quite some time. However, do not expect this product to last forever. However, it is quite durable by its standard.

What the Customers think

Another way in which you can understand the quality of this product would be the way the customers reacted to using it. While there are about 82% of users that think that this product is brilliant, about 11% think it is way below average while the remaining 7% is stuck in the middle.

The users who enjoyed the product has quite a lot to say about it.  Many thought it was brilliant with one user even saying that the waffles produced by this product can be considered to be the love child of Texas. Others used the waffles to remember very special moments in their history which would mark emotional memories with their loved ones. 

Some thought that the heated iron was wacky while others thought or said that it was quite the wobbly machine that did not do the job well. With the overwhelming support in favor of the machine, we can say that it does a good job most of the time.


If you are a big fan of waffles, then you probably have found the one product that would help you get the very best waffles. It is every bit worth your money at the end of the day.