Top Waffle Makers Brands

I am continuously doing reviews on specific waffle makers that are considered among the best on the market. But in this article, I would like to talk more in general. Therefore, my goal is to bring all the top brands that make the best waffle makers in one place. So, next time you go shopping for a waffle maker or you are looking to order one online you will know which brands to take in consideration. I am going to include everything from information about the brand, couple of their waffle makers, and the price range. So, consider this as your ultimate guide to help you choose the right waffle maker! If you are interested, take a look at my list of the top waffle makers brands.

1. Cuisinart

Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand that produces cookware, bakeware, kitchen electrics and many other kitchen gadgets. Besides the tools that they are selling, they often team up with cooking professionals to provide cooking tips and techniques to the home cooks around America.

According to their website, currently, they are offering around 20 different waffle makers to satisfy each and everyone’s preferences and needs. So no wonder why they are on my top waffle makers brands list! In their variety of waffle makers, they have round, square and heart-shaped waffle makers. Additionally, their waffle makers can be traditional, Belgian, or with combined functions. For example, they have a waffle maker that can cook both omelets and waffles, or pancakes and waffles. Their price range on goes from $28 to more than a $100 for the waffle makers with multiple functions. In addition, I will link some of their best-selling waffle makers below.

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Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker Cuisinart Griddler Waffle Plates
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2. Black+Decker

Black+Decker is another American manufacturer of hardware, power tools, home improvement products, accessories etc.

Currently, you can find about 7-8 different waffle makers from this brand. They sell round and square waffle makers. Also, they have several devices with multiple functions. So, they can cook not only waffles, but sandwiches and pancakes and some of them feature grill griddles. Black + Decker is also known for their quality products with an affordable price. Therefore, you can get the most basic waffle maker for around $20. For the devices with multiple functions prices are a bit higher and sometimes can reach around $100 or more. Take a look below for their most famous waffle makers on


BLACK+DECKER Double Flip Waffle Maker, Black and Decker 3in1 waffle maker and indoor grill
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3. Hamilton beach

Hamilton Beach is an American brand that manufacturers and sells both home appliances and professional commercial restaurant equipment. Their products are mostly sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Hamilton Beach makes a variety of different high-quality waffle makers. You can choose between round and square form. Also, they have basic waffle makers with only a few setting options and more advanced and professional ones with a flip operation for even batter distribution. Additionally, there are series of waffle makers that form slightly different pockets than the traditional waffle makers and you can break the waffle into 8 stick or eat it as it is. Their prices start at around $20 for the cheapest and go higher than $100 for the heavy-duty waffle makers for professional restaurant use.

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Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates
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4. Oster

Oster is a brand with a long history that manufacturers kitchen appliances, beauty care products, garment care products and air purifiers.

They really deserve their spot among the top waffle makers brands, because currently, they offer more than 10 high-quality waffle makers. Oster’s waffle makers come in a round and square form. Furthermore, they make double flip waffle makers. Their lowest prices start at around $18 for the most basic waffle makers. Additionally, their double flip waffle maker’s price range is higher and has a lot of variations depending on the seller that sells them. Here are some of Oster’s best-selling waffle makers.

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel Oster Thick Belgian Flip Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel
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5. Waring

Waring was the first manufacturer who introduced the blender in America. Today Waring is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality appliances for both home and professional use. They also manufacture goods for the laboratory industries.

Waring with no doubt makes one of the most durable, high-quality and heavy-duty waffle makers. Some of their designs are a bit bulky, but perfect for home and restaurant use. In their variety of waffle makers, you can find round and square form devices. A lot of their models include a flip operation for evenly baked waffles. Their price range is a bit higher comparing to other brands. If you are lucky enough you might find some of their waffle makers for $40 dollars on sale, but usually the prices start at $50 or higher and go up to a few hundred dollars for the commercial waffle makers.

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Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker
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6. Chef’s Choice

Chef’s Choice is an American brand targeting both commercial industries and regular customers. They sell their products internationally, in around 80 countries worldwide. Chef’s Choice manufacturers sharpeners, food slicers, and counter top appliances.

Chef’s Choice is on my top waffle makers brands list because of the different and artistic waffle makers they sell. If you are one of those who loves to create artistry while cooking than you definitely need to put your hands on a Chef’s choice waffle maker! Because their waffle makers cook waffles with different textures, forms, and characters. Moreover, the prices start at $40 and get as high as $200.

Chef's Choice Sportsman Classic Waffle Pro Chef's Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker
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7. All-Clad

All-Clad is an American brand for cookware. The company manufactures kitchen tools, accessories, and bonded ovenware. Their products are sold all over the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

They don’t have a huge variety of waffle makers, but their waffle makers are of the highest quality. There are only couple models of waffle makers that can be found on Anyway, you still get the chance to choose between round and square waffle maker. Also, they don’t really have a waffle maker with a ¬†low price, but their waffle makers have multiple features and give an excellent value for the money. Usually, the prices start above $100 and up.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker All-Clad Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker
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