What Else Can You do With a Waffle Maker?

A waffle maker at home gives many breakfast options that you can bake for your family quickly and easily. Many kinds of waffles are fun and easy to make, and you end up trying every new recipe that you find on the internet. The immense variety of waffles are not the only way you can use waffle maker, but it merely opens up new horizons of creativity and makes the maximum use of this appliance.

You may get bored with different varieties of waffle after a while and leave your waffle maker on counter gathering dust. This post can help you find new ways of making use of your waffle maker and get some creative ideas for baking some unusual treats for your family. The waffle maker has a particular shape with grids and indentations that cannot be changed and the outcome of other baked items will be in the same shape. But that rather adds to the excitement. Kids may get excited with the new looks and presentation of food.

Waffle maker with multiple removable plates

Here first I would like to clarify that some waffle makers are multi-tasking and are designed to do multiple tasks like a grill, griddle or bake veggies etc. They come with removable plates that you can make use of for grilling, scrambling eggs or preparing other recipes. Here we are talking about the basic waffle maker with its grids and a particular shape.

Benefits of making other things in a waffle maker

Fast cooking

A waffle maker is an iron that cooks from both sides at the same time that cut short the cooking time considerably. You can fix some easy and quick meals in it when you are short of time and need to be quick.

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Maximum use of your appliance

Restricting your iron only for waffles may make it less useful you can’t have waffles daily. After a while, you will get tired of all varieties of waffle and may need a break. In that case, your waffle maker becomes useless. You can keep the appliance in use for different other things and make the maximum use of your iron.

Makes cooking fun

Creativity keeps your interest alive in cooking and makes it more fun. It can help you involve your kids in the process of making different new things and have quality time with them.

Make food interesting for kids

Kids like new ideas and something out of routine makes food more interesting for them. Baking food items like pizza, brownies, or hash browns in waffle maker gives them new shape and may make them more appealing for kids.

Food that you may bake in a waffle maker

Some suggestions for making your waffle maker versatile are as following.


Making brownies in a waffle maker is an excellent idea. Brownies are a favourite of both kids and adults, and in the waffle maker, you can make some in a very short time. Just add an egg in your usual recipe of brownies and bake it till it is soft and fluffy. For some crispiness, you can leave them a minute or two longer in the waffle maker.


You can bake a quick pizza in your waffle maker. The double iron of a waffle maker cooks the dough of pizza well. Place the pizza dough on a waffle maker and leave it for two minutes for cooking. Add the topping when dough is ready and leave it with cheese for few seconds until the cheese is melted. A home-baked quick pizza in a considerably short time. Keep the pizza dough in your refrigerator for an easy and quick fixing at odd hours.

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Rolls and bread

Internet is loaded with recipes of rolls and breads. You can get creative and bake some in the waffle maker. Make cinnamon rolls or any other kinds of rolls with the help of your waffle maker. Just place rolls on each grid of waffle maker and let it cook. The icing will gather more in indentations and make them more delicious.

Hash browns

Hash browns are another way of making use of your waffle maker. Thaw the tater tots out in the kitchen for a while and place them onto a preheated waffle maker. Press down the lid as much as you can, and hash browns are ready in a few minutes.

A quick omelette or Frittata

Nothing can be more easy to bake in a waffle maker than a quick omelet. Mix your favourite ingredients in egg and just pour the batter on baking plate. A quick and fluffy omelet is ready in a minute.

Cookies and biscuits

Kids love cookies and making them quick in waffle maker helps you to come up with some quick snacks for your kid. Place small cookie dough on a baking plate, and within seconds they are cooked to perfection. Cookies baked in waffle maker are crispy from outside and chewy from inside.