Make A Quesadilla With An Waffle Maker

Quesadilla is a trendy Mexican food. It is made by combining cheese inside the tortilla. Tortillas, everybody knows it’s essential in Mexican cuisine. Mexicans started using tortillas with cheese in the 15th century when dairy cheese or cow cheese was introduced. Bite of a quesadilla consists of crunchy tortilla with melting cheese, covered in flavors of mixed ingredients. Imagining the taste of a quesadilla bite is incredibly mouth-watering and enticing.

Usually, the Quesadilla is made in an iron pan by folding a single tortilla symmetrically. But in this article, we are going to talk about the way of making Quesadilla in a waffle maker. Waffle makers produce a more crunchy quesadilla in waffle shape, which can be loaded with more ingredients. You can make both your favorite veg or non-veg Quesadilla using the waffle maker. So let’s get in to learn steps for making this healthy delicacy.

Ingredient Required

Main Ingredients are Tortilla and Cheese, so these should be on point. For tortilla, go with multi corn, as it will give added health benefits with fantastic taste. Cheese, you can use it as per your taste preference. But preferably use Cheddar cheese. If using Cheddar, they also have some Monterey jack. Cheese and ingredients should be in shredded form.
You can also use beans, corn, avocado, jalapenos, etc. as fillings for a quesadilla. In choosing these ingredients, your taste must prevail. For making use of some olive oil, and serve it with sour cream.

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Preparing Quesadilla in Waffle Maker

Waffle Makers are generally made up of cast iron or aluminum. Whatever is yours, make sure it is in good condition and properly cleaned.

You can measure the size of Pan with a tortilla. If a wide flange is coming out, then cut the tortilla along the sides and bring it equal in size with the waffle maker.

Spray cooking spray on the waffle maker, so that it prevents sticking the tortilla on the Pan. After that, on the switch and let waffle maker heat for some time, then put one tortilla on the Pan. Spread shredded cheese over it, and add your additional fillings like jalapenos, bean, corn and a slice of avocado. After that, cover the mixture by putting another tortilla on top. Please make sure the linings lie between them, and nothing seems coming out. An additional benefit of using waffle iron is, you don’t have to turn sides of Quesadilla while cooking. So you can add more fillings, and it will remain the same crispier.

After completing the above process, close the waffle maker pan and let it cook for around 10 minutes. Once the smell of melted cheese started coming out, open the waffle maker, and put out quesadilla waffles using tongs.

Preparing Chicken quesadilla in a waffle maker

Chicken quesadilla is also another popular dish. For making it in a waffle maker, you have to follow the same procedure as mentioned above for veg one. The only change is, instead of veggie ingredients, you have to use chicken pieces as filling.

After spreading cheese on the tortilla, put small boneless chicken pieces over it. Make sure chicken pieces are already cooked from before because the time used in cooking Quesadilla is for melting cheese, and you can’t expect raw chicken to cook at that time. And in case if you are giving extra time, then your Quesadilla can burn.
Along with chicken also use fried onions as filling. It will add in the delicacy of the taste of chicken quesadilla.

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Serving Waffle Maker Made Quesadilla

After putting out Quesadilla from a waffle maker using tongs. Cut it in pieces, then serve these pieces with sour cream or your favorite sauces. Many people prefer cooking this short food rather than ordering pizza. It is enough to explain it tastes when somebody is ready to give up pizza.


For making amazing Quesadilla in a waffle maker. Firstly put one tortilla on the Pan, then spread cheese and fillings over it. Cover the fillings and base tortilla with another tortilla, and then close the pans of the waffle maker.
Let it cook for 10 minutes and then put it out using a tong. Cut Quesadilla in slices and serve it with delicious sour sauce. It is a tasty breakfast and a good alternative meal.