6 Best Thin Waffle Makers

We all love a scrumptious breakfast now and then and what can be better than treating your loved ones with home baked waffles with your favorite sauce, cream, and topping. A waffle iron is necessary for making perfect waffles that look perfect and taste delicious. Baking delicious and mouthwatering waffles at home with the same perfection of restaurants becomes easy with these irons. Waffles are preferred better than pancakes because of their perfect shape, the ability to soak cream, honey or any other topping and the variety of ways they can be presented. Topped with cream and fruits and dripping with syrups, waffle offers an excellent opportunity to experiment with different styles and be creative and healthy as well. All you need is a waffle making iron, and the rest is easy.

thin waffle maker

You don’t have to go to the restaurant any longer, if you have a craving for scrumptious waffles. Thanks to the different types of thin waffle makers available for use at home. Manufacturers have various models of waffle makers that will appeal to anyone who loves cooking these tantalizing breakfast treats. Sorting through all the best thin waffle makers doesn’t have to be confusing.

The state-of-the-art, counter-top, electric waffle irons make waffle baking nearly infallible, with acoustic signals and indicator lights to guide you through each step of the process involved.

Thin Waffle makers

Like many other cuisines, waffles can be made in a variety of ways, and different types of irons are available for making the perfect waffle of your choice. Thin waffles are favored by many of us for being thinner and crispier than the Belgian waffles. They are also called classic, regular, eggo, or American style waffles. Let’s take a look first at how thin waffles differs from Belgian waffles.

The difference between Thin and Belgian waffles

Belgian waffle has a dense texture, are more fluffy and more like cakes and bread. They are larger than the regular waffles in thickness and diameter. Special irons for Belgians are available for making these waffles. Belgian waffles typically have yeast that makes them fluffy and light. However, some recipes also make use of baking powder to rise the mixture. Belgian waffles have deep pockets or indentations in waffle grid that means they have more place for cream and toppings, and as they are denser, they soak up more syrups and are juicier than the regular waffles.

Thin or regular waffles

Thin waffles are crispier than the Belgian waffles. They use baking powder instead of yeast and are made more like cookies. They have small squares and grids of thin waffle makers have shallow indentations that make 0.5-inch thick waffles. Thin waffles are fast to make and ideal for those who have little time for preparing breakfast. You can also freeze these waffles easily. Take them out of the freezer, preheat, drizzle a bit of honey or any of your favorite syrup, and a quick breakfast is ready in a few seconds.

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Regular vs Belgian waffle makers

Both types of waffles have their fan following, and both have their distinct taste and texture. Belgian waffles are soft and dense, as they are spongy like bread and cakes, they soak in more syrup and gives a juicy bite. As they have broad squares, they take in more filling and give a full bite. Thin waffles are like crispy biscuits. A classic version of what our grandmothers used to bake; they are crispy from inside out and are ready in no time. Both types of waffle have their distinct taste and choosing one, or the other is a matter of individual preference. Thin waffles have shallow and small squares while Belgian waffles have large squares and are denser. Another difference is the cooking time. Belgian waffles take more time in preparation and cooking than thin waffles.

Things to consider while buying a Thin waffle maker

If you are considering buying a waffle maker for particularly thin waffles, then certain things should be considered before you pick one for your kitchen.

Type of Waffles you like

Obviously, the first thing to consider before buying is the type of waffles you like. If you like your waffles to be a thin, crispy, and classic style, then you need to buy a thin waffle maker. Normal waffle irons are used to make fluffy and spongy waffles with deep pockets for filling. However, thin waffle makers have small indentations for grids and are more like making cookies.

Cost and Brand

You need to see your budget before buying a particular appliance. Brands that are well trusted and are well reputed should be considered first. Different range of waffle makers is available in the market. Some of them come at a very affordable price while there are some expensive options as well. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay.

Easy to clean

Whatever waffle maker you choose, it will still have crevices, holes, and gaps where batter and crumbs will end up in. That makes cleaning up a tiresome chore. Still choosing a waffle maker with removable plates makes the task easy. The removable plates can easily be washed in a dishwasher or under tap water. For fixed models, you have to clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.

The material of plates and grids also matter when it comes to cleaning. Waffles makers can have cast iron, nonstick, steel, or ceramic interior. Each material has different properties which should be considered while cleaning them. Choosing an appliance that is easy to clean save you from a lot of trouble later.

Brown control

You may like your waffle to be golden or brown. Waffle maker these days comes with a temperature control option that allows you to prepare waffle as you prefer. This temperature control also helps when you have a large family, and everyone wants a different texture or color.

Timer function

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Waffle maker with a timer prevents overcooking especially if you are a multitasking person and doing other chores simultaneously. Some waffle makers automatically shut off when the waffles are prepared. Some of them show on a digital display exactly how much time is remaining. It all depends on how you want your appliance to work.


Most of the waffle makers can make one waffle at a time, but there are some options in the market for making two waffles at a time with a double flip or some have a large surface area. Some appliances can cook other things as well on grill or griddle. If you need many waffles at a time or are buying iron for commercial use then choosing one that can make more than one waffle at a time is more convenient.

In case you want to check a complete buying guide with best waffle makers goes to: Best Waffle Makers With Buying Guide .

Best Thin Waffle Makers in the Market

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin

This waffle maker is makes 2 thin crisp Belgian waffles a time, a true delight for someone who needs a tasty treat. It is a high quality waffle maker, with a heavy aluminum casting and stainless steel cover. It comes with a preset automatic thermostat that ensures its efficiency. On the other hand, it features tubular heating elements that look like an electric range surface burner and a three-leg stand that makes it very stable.

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin


  1. It can bake two crispy and thin waffles at a time, ideal for those who have little time for breakfast preparation.
  2. It has heavy aluminium casting and stainless steel cover.
  3. The material of the plates is easy to clean. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  4. It comes with a preset automatic thermostat that ensures the same quality every time.
  5. It features a tubular heating element that looks like an electric range surface burner.
  6. Has a three-legged stand that gives it a very stable position on your kitchen counter.
  7. Comes with a 5-year warranty.


  1. Suitable for those who need large capacity.
  2. Bit heavy.
  3. Don’t have a nonstick coating.

Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker

This stylish, innovative waffle maker bakes 5 heart-shaped, yummy waffles at a time. Take pleasure in the mouth-watering aroma and fresh taste of these perfect homemade waffles that will surely delight the most judicious palates, from children to adults. This thin waffle maker has a non-stick, easy release coating and reliable smooth heating that help you bake good-looking waffles, evenly cooked. Options like deep-bake mode or “crisp exterior/moist interior” setting make it the perfect model for the novice but enthusiast cook.

Chef's Choice 840 WafflePro Express thin Waffle Maker


  1. Non-stick plates inside that make it easy to clean.
  2. Bakes 5 heart-shaped waffles at a time.
  3. Prepare short and crisp waffles with a perfect shape.
  4. Have a unique floating top plate to ensure the same thickness and texture.
  5. Comes with a quad baking system for custom color and texture.
  6. Comes with options like “deep-bake mode and crisp exterior/moist interior settings for baking perfect waffles.


  1. Takes more space.
  2. Have no indicator to tell when the waffles are ready.

Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

With the Cuisinart Pizzelle Press you can enjoy attractive, delicious, thin waffles without any hassle. This is an opportunity for you to bake yummy waffles fast with this sleek stainless steel appliance that will give your kitchen an high-end vibe. A regulating thermostat allows easy baking with 5 browning levels while indicator lights and nonstick plates ensure that your waffle will always be baked to flawlessness. With this waffle maker, you don’t have to pay much to enjoy a tasty breakfast. In only 60 seconds enjoy two perfect pizzelle that can be decorated with the 2 patterns for extra fun.

Cuisinart Pizzelle Press


  1. Bakes two delightfully crispy waffles at a time.
  2. Have a decorative pattern that imprints each waffle.
  3. Gives five brown options for baking with your desired color and texture.
  4. Nonstick plates for baking perfect waffles.
  5. Easy to clean.
  6. Takes little time.
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  1. Plates are not removable.
  2. No indicator to alert when the waffles are ready.

BLACK+DECKER Thin Waffle Maker/ Indoor Grill/Griddle

This is a three in one appliance: a waffle griddle, grill, and baker. It comes in versatile for a quick meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 8-inch square cooking plates are the key to the versatility of this unit. The top opens up flat and forms two 8-inch square cooking surfaces to create griddle space for foods like eggs, hash browns and pancake.
With this waffle maker, cooking both breakfast and launch is convenient. With the grease channels that drain oily residues away from your foods, cooking healthy is easy.

BLACK+DECKER Thin Waffle Maker


  1. A versatile appliance. Can be used as a grill, griddle and waffle maker.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Durable.
  4. Have grease channels that drain excess oil and thus support healthy eating.
  5. Removable plates make cleaning easy and convenient.
  6. Can bake two waffles at a time.


  1. Bit pricey.

CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker

This is a beautiful appliance with an elegant, chrome finish and delivers 2 perfectly thin waffles with flower pattern. It has a thick baking surface that distributes heat evenly. Unfortunately, it has a light indicator for only when the appliance is hot enough to start cooking not for when the waffles are ready but once you get the hang of it (approx. 25-30 seconds) working with it would be a breeze.

cucina pro thin waffles maker


  1. Makes two waffles at a time.
  2. Have two different decorative patterns that make waffles a treat to the eye as well.
  3. Steam guard handles that prevent accidental burning.
  4. Have extra thick plates that distribute even heat and make perfect waffles.
  5. Nonstick plates that are easy to clean.
  6. Light indicator for alerting when the appliance is hot enough.


  1. Plates are not removable.
  2. Have no indicator for alerting when the waffles are ready.

Euro Cuisine Eco-Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Surprise your loved ones with the cutest, thin and tasty 8-inch heart-shaped waffles with the help of Euro-Cuisine waffle maker with eco-friendly non-stick ceramic coating (PTFE- and PFOA-free non-stick plates). It has adjustable temperature control and a durable chrome exterior.

Euro Cuisine Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Thin Waffle Maker


  1. Makes short, crisp, heart-shaped waffles.
  2. PDFE and PFOA free material ensure healthy cooking.
  3. Adjustable temperature control for a baking waffle at a precise temperature.
  4. Have durable chrome exterior.
  5. A nonstick interior that makes cleaning easy.
  6. Vertical storage covers less space on your counter.


  1. The plate is not removable.
  2. No beep sound to indicate when waffles are ready.

Do you want a thicker, Belgian style waffle maker or a traditional model? Any of the above waffle makers may be the right choice for you. They are easy to use and store and there are many things to love about each of them.