How To Stop Waffles From Sticking to a Waffle Iron

Most people desire to have a healthy breakfast as a routine. Exploring different kinds of breakfast is highly recommended. Most people stick to tea, bread and butter. However, there is more to explore. You can try different varieties of cakes. Without any doubt, a waffle will capture your attention.

Having waffles for breakfast is awesome. Waffles are home-made and there are several recipes that can guide you prepare this kind of delicacy. A common hindrance in the preparation of a waffle is that they tend to stick to the waffle iron. Highlighted herein are some approaches through which you can prevent a waffle from sticking to the waffle iron. Below are some of the tips that will help you in stopping a waffle from sticking to the waffle iron:

  • Add oil to the waffle iron to create a coating that prevents the waffle from burning up which causes sticking. By preventing the butter from direct contact with the waffle iron the waffle may not stick. Therefore one need to evenly spread the oil across the waffle maker. Don’t use a lot you just need to grease the surface.
  • Clean the excess oil and crumbs out of a waffle maker. This will reduce the chances of burning the waffle. Crumbs are usually the causative agents that may result in your waffle burning eventually sticking to the waffle maker. When the crumbs burn, they form black spots on the waffle which eventually leads to the waffle sticking to the iron.
  • Proper Storage of the waffle iron. The state of the waffle iron usually determines whether the waffle is going to stick. Therefore whether the waffle iron is non-stick or cast iron the methods of storage will determine if the waffle is going to stick. One needs to understand his or her waffle maker to be able to maintain it and prepare the best waffles. It is important to follow the correct procedure for the storage of the waffle iron. For instance, it is advisable to use a lot of paper towels to clean up crumbs and oil before storage. The other common cleaning agent is a moist kitchen clothing.
  • Dry the waffle iron thoroughly. One needs to avoid storing the waffle iron without drying it up. To avoid rusts which eventually always leads to waffle sticking to the iron one needs to wipe dry the waffle maker before storing.
  • Use a recipe enriched with fats. By preparing waffle batter enriched with fats one may avoid the waffle from sticking. This recipe will automatically release oil while heating which acts as a coating technique for the waffle not to stick.
  • Consider the right temperature for your waffle iron before adding the batter. You are encouraged to preheat the waffle iron to the desired temperatures to avoid the waffle sticking on either side of the waffle iron. Some waffle makers have timers for the temperatures. Therefore one may need to consider the accurate temperature needed before pouring the batter to the waffle maker.
  • One has to consider a thicker batter for the waffle especially if they have been using thinner batter. The thinner batter is known to stick easily and thus one is advised to look for a recipe that leads to a thicker batter. There are different recipes available through online websites and thus one can consider trying new recipes for the waffle to see if they can work well.
  • Understand the conditions at which the waffle iron works. For instance, if your waffle iron is made of non- stick material it is thus advisable you avoid the spray and the oil completely since the machine is designed to work under such conditions.
  • Be patient enough for the waffle to cook. Opening up a waffle while still cooking may prompt the waffle to stick in the long run. Waffles are designed to cook for a certain period. Therefore one needs to exercise the patient if they desire cooking the best waffles. Opening up the waffle to air before cooking may guarantee the waffle to stick to the iron.

There are several techniques for cooking waffles. Even though you may consider the spray techniques as a way of avoiding the waffle from sticking you must consider that the spray may burn up which eventually may lead to the waffle sticking. Generally, if all of the above-discussed steps may not solve your problem, then its time you decide and budget for a new waffle maker. People love waffles and sticking waffles should not prevent one from enjoying the delicious waffles. Therefore if by the end of the above-discussed tips your waffles are still giving you a problem, you need to consider purchasing a new waffle maker.

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