• How to Use a Waffle Maker: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Use a Waffle Maker: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Are you craving delicious, crispy waffles but don’t know how to use a waffle maker? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps of using a waffle maker so that you can enjoy homemade golden-brown waffles in no time. Using a waffle maker may seem intimidating at first, but…

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  • Best Mini Waffle Maker

    Best Mini Waffle Maker

    If you’re a fan of waffles and looking for a convenient way to enjoy them anytime, then the best mini waffle maker might just be what you need. These compact kitchen appliances offer a quick and easy solution for making delicious homemade waffles in minutes. Whether you live in a small apartment or simply prefer…

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  • Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

    Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

    Valentine’s day is coming and though you may not want to make a big fuss about it, you can still show your love for the special people in your life with a delicious, heart shaped waffle. The cute waffles are everybody’s favourite treat and can easily be customized with syrups or fruits. Check out below…

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  • The Best 5 Rated Waffle Makers

    The Best 5 Rated Waffle Makers

    Waffles are everybody’s favourite breakfast food. Topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce or just plain maple syrup they can be dressed up or dressed down to suit your taste buds. The best thing about them is that there is no set time to enjoy a great waffle meal. You weren’t able to make them for…

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  • The Keyboard Waffle Iron

    The Keyboard Waffle Iron

    Global computerization increasingly entails new ideas in very different ways. A good example of this is the great and innovative project by Chris Dimino. He created the concept of the waffle iron, which allows you to make waffles in the shape of the keyboard. Once everyone started using personal computers and realized that typewriter Coronamatic…

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  • Belgian Waffle Recipe

    Belgian Waffle Recipe

    Belgian waffles represent a delicious way to start your day: a versatile breakfast that allows many customizations. Add your favourite fruits, syrups, chocolate, cream or ice-cream and treat your family with this popular dish. Check the following post to find inspiration for the best Belgian Waffle Recipe. Mapple Syrup Waffles This is a fantastic waffle…

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  • Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

    Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

    Kid friendly breakfast recipes are pretty challenging- they have to be delicious, easy to make and take as few time to prepare as possible. Waffles are a great choice and the ideal way to convince the little ones to eat healthy, fresh fruits. By using a Mikey Mouse Waffle Maker you can enjoy a Disney…

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  • Best Rated Waffle Maker

    Best Rated Waffle Maker

    [easyazon_link asin=”B00006JKZN” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”wafflemaker0d-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker[/easyazon_link] Waffle maker is a simple contraption, right? Wrong. There’s absolutely nothing ‘simple’ about getting the waffles right, and if we consider the fact that we’re talking about making desert, it’s clear that this is something we must approach with great…

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