Should You Grease a Waffle Maker?

Most of the people claim that it is very important to grease your waffle maker while others claim that it is not. This is because most manuals of the waffle iron may inform you about different things. To grease or not to grease depends on the type of waffle iron that you are using. There are various types of the waffle iron and they include:

1.Non-Stick Waffle Irons

Most of the waffle irons that are being produced claim that they are non-stick. Non-stick waffle iron consists of waffle iron plates which are found to have a Teflon coating. The waffle irons may also be smeared with a non-stick chemical that helps in the prevention of sticking of the waffles on the plates.

Non-stick waffle irons are made for their very specific purpose of preventing waffles from sticking. Therefore, these waffle irons should not be greased or seasoned. Make sure that you avoid cleaning your non-stick waffle iron with chemicals or using abrasives to scrub. This is because your waffle iron may experience tear and wear which will result in the removal of the non-stick coating. When the coating is off, your waffles will face the risk of sticking to the waffle iron.

Remember that you should not grease a non-stick waffle maker.

2.Cast Iron Waffle Maker

This solid cast iron waffle maker should definitely be greased and seasoned. The cast iron waffle maker may include the Rome Original Cast Iron Stove Top Waffle Maker. This type of waffle maker should be greased with oil before use to enhance coating. Various oils such as canola oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil should be used because of their perfect works.

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Make sure that you apply oil to your waffle maker before adding your waffle batter. Oil may be applied in different ways such as using a pastry brush, paper towel, or oil sprayer. This will promote the non-sticking effect of your waffles hence bringing out your desired expectations. Failure to apply oil to your cast iron waffle maker will result in undesired expectations because your waffles will stick and it will be difficult to get rid of them.

3.Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Make sure that you avoid using non-stick cooking sprays despite the kind of waffle iron you possess. Most people use them because they are easy to use and super convenient but convenience lasts for a long period of time which is not appropriate.

The non-stick sprays are very inconvenient because they can lead to building upon the plates of your waffle maker. This becomes very difficult and almost impossible to get rid of them. People who use the sprays usually find their plates becoming stickier and stickier. This usually makes your waffles come out in a very bad situation to the extent of even not consuming them.

Therefore, avoid using non-stick cooking sprays if you require excellent results in the future. The waffles may come out well during the first days of a trial using the sprays but as time goes, unexpected results are usually experienced.

If you discover that your waffles are still sticking even after appropriately following all the directions, make sure that you provide a good deep cleaning to your waffle maker. You may also check on the manual of your waffle maker so that you ensure that your waffle iron is treated in the right way during cleaning.

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Failure to grease or seasoning your waffle maker may not be a problem to your sticking waffles because using a very thin batter may be the cause. It is very important to remember that you should avoid too much scrubbing or greasing your waffle maker because this may also be the problem.


It is very important to make sure that you follow the user’s manual before using your waffle maker. This will equip you with the necessary skills of how to use your waffle maker without bringing unexpected results to your waffles. Make sure that you choose the right waffle maker so that you will not regret afterward after your waffles are damaged.

Most of the people go for the non-stick waffle irons because they do not require extra expenses such as the use of grease. These waffle irons do not make your waffles stick despite failure to use grease because it is recommended that grease should be avoided at all costs when using the non-stick waffle irons.

It is very important to remember that greasing does not apply to all the waffle makers because it may also cause damage to your waffle maker.