How to Make An Omelette in a Waffle Maker

A waffle maker is a useful appliance that brings a lot of convenience to your life. It helps you make delicious waffles at home without much effort, and you can have a restaurant feel at home. Make some fluffy and thick Belgian waffles at home, dripping with honey or maple syrup and topped with your favourite seasonal fruits. With little effort, you can bring together a scrumptious breakfast for your family and earn their compliments.

What makes waffle maker more essential is the way it can be used. You can use a hot iron for making different food items. It cooks fast from both sides and reduces the cooking time considerably. If you are in a hurry and want to fix something tasty real quick, then nothing can be better than a waffle maker. Bake some delicious brownies in the waffle maker, or go for hash browns with amazing results within few seconds. The possibilities are limitless. What makes it more interesting is the fact that it allows you to give a new touch to old traditional recipes and make them more appealing for kids and adults alike.

Making omelette in the waffle maker

Making an omelette is a simple and easy task, but there is much scope for making it more appealing, healthy, and delicious in a waffle maker. You can make eggs in a waffle maker in many new ways. A simple task may take only a few seconds.

Waffle maker has grids and indentations that cannot be changed. The outcome of anything baked inside will have the same shape. That makes different baking things in it more fun. Omelet baked in waffle maker with its grid-like pattern is definitely going to look more stylish. You can cut it into small and equal shapes for making it more presentable.

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How to make omelettes?

Follow these simple steps for making an omelette in a waffle maker.

  • Preheat your iron.
  • For making a fluffy omelette keep the temperature low.
  • Break eggs in a bowl, and add salt and pepper.
  • Add your favourite fixing in the eggs; you can make use of many things like veggies, chicken, sausages, or anything you have in your freezer.
  • Spray as little oil as you can on the surface of baking plate.
  • Pour the mixture on a baking plate and cook it for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • You can spread some cheese over it in the last to make it richer.

Check out also the below video to see the exact process to make an omelette in the waffle maker:

Omelet is ready in your waffle maker fast and easy.

Some tips for making an omelette in a waffle maker

  1. Cut all veggies, prepare the ingredients of your favourite omelet and refrigerate it for those odd hours when you need to fix something for yourself fast.
  2. You can make an omelette in waffle maker according to the preference of everyone in the family as it takes a few minutes to make one.
  3. Instead of trying to take out the omelette with a spatula, you can pick up the waffle maker with hot pads and dump the omelet on a plate. It will come out easy and in good shape.

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